FluoroFest: The premier global workshops specifically dedicated to fluorescence techniques!

As a global series of workshops, FluoroFest help both fluorescence researchers and the burgeoning number of users of fluorescence based techniques hear internationally renowned experts' deep insight on topics of current interest. In FluoroFest all the participants can present and exchange ideas on their own work and discuss future directions in the fields of Materials & Nano Science, Life Science & Food, Environmental; and experience the state-of-the-art in fluorescence instrumentation with hands-on sessions in FluoroFest.

Don’t miss out on this unique chance to immerse yourself in the fluorescence community.

FluoroFest is sponsored by HORIBA Scientific, whose integrated brands include the most storied names in fluorescence instrumentation: SPEX, Photon Technology Inc. (PTI), Jobin Yvon, IBH, SLM-Aminco, and ISA.

This year's event will be chaired by:

  • Prof. Chunhua Yan - (Peking University)
  • Prof. Yan LI - (Peking University)
  • Dr. Ramdane Benferhat - (HORIBA Scientific)
  • Mrs. Yumei PU - (HORIBA Scientific)
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